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We very rarely trust our intuition, because our minds get in the way of our deep connection to self, this inner intuition is where we are truly listening to OURSLEVES and not our mind which tends to hold color our lives with fears, doubts and decisions from the past that limit us. This listening give us access to our true lives intention and calling, giving us freedom and true authentic happiness.


Listen to your intuition, God, source, higher self. 


                      Feel into the exciting feeling in your core

    Trust your gut

    Trust your intuition


Love yourself fully. We all very much live our lives not doing the things that truly make us happy, if we did we would not even have the need for buckets lists, the saying thank god its Friday would not even exist in our culture. If wee= lived to love ourselves we would doing the things in life that fully show ourselves that we DO indeed love ourselves, and we would forever be in a state of bliss and love. 


Love yourself; focus on yourself, your true inner pure, child-like excited self. 


Start by taking small actions in your day-to-day life that are in alignment with this listening this is the vibration of the aligned YOU with the things that excite YOU and make YOU happy!!!! This will slowly lead you into vibrational alignment with your truest pure self and you will begin to experience yourself and your life in a whole new way. My experience of living this way has been that I feel like I’m living in magic and I feel like I’m living like heaven in on earth :) 


 Make time to: 

-        Go to the beach

-        Read a book

-        Go to the park

-        Meditate

-        Play a sport

-        Eat ice cream

-        Go to your favorite restaurant

-        Learn an instrument

-        Take and impromptu weekend vacation 


We often take risks and do things that are out of our comfort zone. We can hear our intuition/higher self telling us that this is wear we need to be, but then our mind creeps in with doubt and fear that stop us. This is where full TRUST comes into play, this moment it is time to surrender to the universe/your higher self and TRUST that you will be taken care of. 


Trust your intuition, your higher self, higher calling, god’s voice or the exciting feeling in your gut. 


When you start to doubt the process go back to listening to your intuition, this will bring you back to your true self and into a place of trust. Hold yourself to that vibrational call. 


Once you are in a place of FULL trust now is the time to completely SURRENDER to the process and flow with what ever live brings you. Let it all go and be in the moment of the creation of yourself, as you are an infinite being, as you are eternal and you are constantly recreated in the moment. Let it all go and just BE and watch the MAGIC of the presence of your true self unfold.

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